Digital Technology in the Public Education System

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An Act Institutionalizing the use of Digital Technology in the public education system.



Much has been accomplished to incorporate digital technology into public schools throughout the Philippines. From providing personal computers in order to promote and support computer literacy, the State is henceforth progressing towards the use of Information and Communications Technology and its various components in order to upgrade and modernize the educational system, to enhance the quality of education and to achieve equity in the acquisition of skills among all students.

There is therefore a need to address the varying number, age, accessibility to and use of computers and other technology in different districts and schools. Much remains to be done including a systematic upgrading and replacing of outdated digital technology, providing the professional development needed to enable educators to use such digital technology more effectively in the classroom and providing the technical and informational support to maintain and enhance the prevailing systems.

Laying down the foundation for the effective institutionalization of the use of digital technology in public education has never been more important and necessary. For example, efficient resource mobilization and funding generation is key to the management of the costs of purchasing, maintaining, upgrading and replacing digital technology that is ever evolving. Consequently, spending limited and finite government resources in attempting to maintain old, outdated technology may not be aligned with the principles of effective and prudent utilization of government finances.

The institutionalization of the use of digital technology in public education goes beyond the systematic provision of technical and infrastructure requirements; It would pave the way for the successful establishment and management of user ­centered knowledge and information resources for teachers and the students, the development of digital learning materials for use inside and outside of classrooms, the continuous advancement of teachers and school administrator’s knowledge and skills on technology through professional training, development and competency assessment, among others.

The foregoing premises considered, the expeditious approval of this Bill is earnestly sought.