School Building Construction

In order to increase the lack of classrooms in public schools, it has become a habit for the Provincial Government, under the leadership of LRay Villafuerte, to provide assistance to fulfill the needs of the students, in which many classrooms where built in different public elementary and high schools in the entire province. Because of this project, students who used to suffer conducting classes under trees were lessened. Now, they have a better and a more comfortable classroom to study in. This resulted to higher grades and better learning among students.

Library Hub Construction
Lray Villafuerte Jr, as the Father of the Province, ensured a steady support to students and their education. This was shown through the establishment of libraries in public schools. This encouraged students to read books and improve their studies in the same way that LRay gave importance to his education when he was still a student like them.

School Stage
To provide the request of most of public schools, school stages were built by the Provincial Government. Almost all schools were given assistance so that they would have a better place to host programs for the students and their families.

LRay Pavilion
Lray Villafuerte also responded to the needs of public schools for a pavilion. Now, they hold their school programs in these comfortable and spacious pavilions.

Repainting of Schools
In order to maintain the classrooms and other parts of the public schools, LRay Villafuerte and the Provincial Government decided to have these structures repainted.


LRay Villafuerte connected the farthest and nearest areas to civilization; making a faster way to prosper and to progress.

Farm to Market Roads

Farmers now no longer face difficulties in delivering their products to the market because of the Farm to Market Roads that were established under the leadership of LRay Villafuerte.

Road Concreting

LRay Villafuerte also made sure that rocky and potholed roads were cemented. Now, the roads pave way to better, faster and more comfortable transportation.

Road Opening

Road construction was one of the activities of the Provincial Government under the leadership of LRay Villafuerte. Areas that were formerly inaccessible via land transportation now benefit from this.

Concrete Pathwalk

LRay Villafuerte also responded to the call of those in far barangays that do not have decent pathwalks. The construction of concrete pathwalks was funded by the Provincial Government. What was formerly rough and rocky is now concretized.

Communal Irrigation

The water irrigation program of LRay Villafuerte indeed benefitted the farmers of the province. This was an irrigation established to benefit the people and not the pockets of the few.

Water System

As response to the request of the constituents for potable water, LRay Villafuerte established water systems to ensure the safety of the people in his province against water borne diseases.


LRay Villafuerte also made sure to solve the problem of flooding especially during the rainy season through riprapping and provision of drainage systems in the area.

Covered Courts

To fully distract the youth from vices such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, and others, LRay Villafuerte decided to construct covered courts in various barangays. The courts are beautiful, properly-constructed, modern-looking enough to support the sports program for the youth.

Day Care Centers

With the objective of ensuring a strong foundation for education and children’s growth, LRay Villafuerte also approved the establishment of Day Care Centers in the barangays.

Evacuation Centers

LRay Villafuerte also made sure that his constituents have a place to stay in in times of calamities through the establishment of evacuation centers that could accommodate temporary dwellers.

Construction of Barangay Halls

Lray Villafuerte’s unending support to the barangays is evident in the construction of high quality Barangay Halls to continuously facilitate good governance among the barangays.


In the three terms of service of LRay Villafuerte as governor of the province, one of his priority programs is the establishment of hospitals for the whole province, complete with facilities and personnel.

Rural and Barangay Health Centers

As response to the needs for health services, the Provincial Government under LRAy put up health centers especially in far flung barangays.

Installation of Electrical Wires

Part of the broad assistance program of LRay Villafuerte is the installation of electrical wires in areas without electricity supply. Those without capacity to provide for their own electricity supply now benefit from this.



A bright future for the youth is Lray’s priority. This is through providing free education in elementary and high school. During his term as Governor, Lray had the most number of scholars in the history of the province.

DepEd Fees Assistance
As a result of his successes in TOURISM, INVESTMENTS, and BUSINESSES of the Provincial Government, CamSur pioneered the implementation of NO COLLECTION POLICY of all DepEd fees in elementary and High School. Free Education brought about by TOURISM.

School Assistance Program
Still because of tourism income, LRay Villafuerte continuously uplifts the living of his fellowmen, especially that of the parents of students. Aside from free education, free school supplies are distributed like School Bags, School Shoes and Slippers. To date, no other governor has done this.


Early Childhood Care and Development Kits, which focus on children ages 5 and below, were distributed. This is to ensure a strong foundation for learning among children and to monitor their growth.

Teachers Pack

Students are not the only ones whose needs were provided for by LRay Villafuerte. Teachers’ major needs were also provided to ensure that they effectively teach the youth.

Locally Funded Teachers

To respond to the need for more teachers, the Provincial Government under the leadership of LRay Villafuerte allocated funds for locally-funded teachers. These teachers are assigned by the Provincial Government to the elementary and secondary schools that still lack teachers.

SNP Program

Supervised Neighborhood Play was designed as alternative to Day Care Centers. This program focuses on far flung communities where children need to be trained in attending school.


El Verde

The Province of Camsur was first in supporting the National Greening Program of the National Government. The El Verde Movement, which aspired to plan 12 million plants was established during the leadership of Gov. LRay Villafuerte. Nothing is impossible with teamwork. This served as a big honor to the nation, especially to the Bicolanos.

Breaks Guiness World Record Twice

Under LRay Villafuerte’s leadership, the province made a new world record of the most number of seedlings planted in an hour and bagged the Guinness Book of World Records. Shortly after, Camsur again beat the world record as it led in planting 1 million mangroves in an hour.



Gawad Kalinga
LRay Villafuerte’s good governance inspired Gawad Kalinga to award the Provincial Government as the only GK Designed Province in the nation. Camsur has the most number of Gawad Kalinga Villages to the point where almost all municipalities has a GK Community.

Provincial Government, UNDP & IOM Housing Program
Pabahay ni LRay. This program solved the need of the marginalized who do not have their own decent house. Those who used to live in shacks and endure both intense heat and heavy rain were provided with concrete housing by LRay. At present, 10 thousand houses were constructed by the Provincial Government throughout CamSur.

Job Creation

Job Creation

Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC)

The Camsur Watersports Complex was the start of progress that the province has been savoring up until now. Alongside this are job opportunities for the people of the province. At present, more than 2,000 individuals are employed and are enjoying a comfortable living through CWC.

Gota Village and Hunongan Cove (CARAMOAN)

Like CWC, job opportunities also arose for the Camarinenses through the Gota Village and Hunongan Cove in Caramoan, Camarines Sur. More than 400 are employed here up to present. In Caramoan proper, residents were given the chance to establish their own businesses.

Sutherland Global Services (Call Center)

Job opportunities were also opened up on the land of the provincial capitol through the edifice built by Gov. LRay Villafuerte. This is the PEZA-approveed Information Technology Park where Sutherland stands. Up until now, Sutherland’s employee count rises up to more than 2,000.

Camsur Animation Studio

Part of the wide Camsur Information Technology Park is the Camsur Animation Studio that gave hope to the talented out-of-school youth. The first digital animation film, which was chosen as one of the entries for the Metro Maniila Film Festival, was made in this studio. The animators received a weekly salary of PhP 3,000 to PhP 4,500.

Medical Transcription

The unemployed Camarinenses that have medical background were given the chance to work through Medical Transcription Job Offers brought about by the Information Technology Park in the capitol.

Japanese Language Learning Center

Job opportunities in and out of the country, especially in Japan, were created through this program.

Southeast Asian Institute of Asian Technology (SEAitc)

This institution offered skills training in I.T. which opened opportunities for bigger salaries through jobs in and out of the country.