Resolution on the Alleged Overcrowding, Overdevelopment, and Irresponsible Waste Management in the Island of Boracay

Camarines Sur Representative Luis Raymund Villafuerte is seeking to conduct a hearing, in aid of legislation, on the alleged overcrowding, overdevelopment, and irresponsible waste management by some establishments in the island of Boracay in Malay, Aklan.

With Boracay Island being an internationally recognized top tourist destination, Rep. Villafuerte found that over 51 unnamed establishments violate the implementing rules of Clean Water Act, and the swimming areas and ground water are contaminated with E. coli bacteria. He urged the committees on tourism, ecology, health, and natural resources, among others, to create a response that will prevent threats on the possible dislocation of indigenous people due to overdevelopment and deterioration of the environment in the island.