San Fernando-Bula National Road

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An Act converting the road network connecting Barangay Grijalvo in the municipality of San Fernando and the boundary of the municipality of Bula, which is part of the pan Philippine highway into a national road.



This Bill seeks to convert the road network connecting Barangay Grijalvo in the Municipality of San Fernando to the Boundary of the Municpality of Bula in Camarines Sur, which is part of the Pan-Philippine Highway, into a National Road.

Such road network herein proposed to be converted into a National Road is strategically connected to the economic centers within the Province of Camarines Sur and the Bicol Region and is vital to accelerate development and increase economic activity within the Second District primarily, and the entire Camarines Sur and the Bicol Region as a whole.

The conversion of the said road network will facilitate faster and efficient transportation of basic goods and the delivery of necessary services. It is projected that such road conversion shall promote livelihood opportunities, encourage competitive flow of investment, and ultimately enhance the economic and social living conditions not just of the people living along such roads, but in the arterial secondary and tertiary roads that lead to it.

The administrative requirements for the conversion of local roads to national roads as prescribed by Statutes and by the Department of Public Works and Highways have been substantially met, and the approval of this bill is earnestly sought.