Specialized National School for the Physically Handicapped

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An act establishing a specialized national school for the physically handicapped in the municipality of Libmanan, Province of Camarines Sur.



Throughout the Bicol Region there is a dearth of specialized educational institution exclusively serving the needs of the physically handicapped.

While some attempts have been made by civic and religious organizations to set up some training facilities for the deaf, and the blind, such attempts have been at best ad hoc, irregular, and if continuing in isolated places, the facilities are inadequate.

It is therefore the intention of this bill to provide permanent and adequate educational facilities to service the training and education required by the physically handicapped by providing for the establishment of a specialized institution for the physically handicapped in the Municipality of Libmanan, Province of Camarines Sur.

This school can initially serve as the institution under whose auspices the physically handicapped can go to. As a pilot project, our educators can learn from the experiences to be gained from the operation and conduct of this school which can later on be utilized as a model for starting other similar schools not only in Camarines Sur but elsewhere within the Bicol Region. It is anticipated that if the specialized school is set up, the government may even be able to obtain or avail of grants, donations and endowments from foundations here and abroad which may, as part of their primary objectives, have already supported this type of educational

However, unless and until this specialized school shall exist, in the Municipality of Libmanan in Camarines Sur, the physically handicapped will invariably be kept in the homes of their parents, perchance under tutorship of persons, who neither have the expertise nor inclination to attend to the specific needs of these infirm persons, and they, thereby will eventually become a social burden; and worst of all, these disabled persons, will aggravate their sufferings by the incursion of emotional stress by their failure to cope with their physical limitations through lack of proper education to contend with the pressures and tensions inherent in any society.

If properly educated however to acquire some skills, in addition to being able to maintain their lives to meet ordinary needs of daily living, these physically handicapped can be made into productive citizens, able to contribute to the socio-economic needs of our country.

While it is recognized that the national government has varied priorities, it is nevertheless argued that the special requirement of citizens with physical infirmities and abnormalities must command, in the scale of our values, a higher priority attention than the needs of normal citizens.

In view of all the foregoing, early approval of this bill is urgently requested.